Can anyone be creative?

When I do smartphone content session with businesses or newsrooms, I often get asked about how people can be more ‘creative’ in how they film.

Creative is a big word when it comes to filming, photography or any other artistic medium. Simply put it is the spark that is you as an individual, how you see something in your mind’s eye.

That sounds fanciful I hear you say. You work in an office or run a business, you’re not an artiste.

The truth is that you are creative in your own small way every day. The movies you decide to stream, the tv you watch, the music you listen to, the colors you’re drawn to. All these things are your brain tell you that you want more this.

This is where you start to be creative.

World famous Director, Quentin Tarantino

Movies, for example, are steeped in creative thievery. Most shots in films have their foundations in movies that went before them. Quentin Tarantino, the world-renowned director, makes no apology from the fact that he takes the shots he’s seen before in movies and weaves them into his films.

So that is a great place to start. Go back over the movies you love and watch them closely. See how the camera is used to draw you into the story and see how you can bring that to your own smartphone filming. Then watch them again with the sound off and you’ll get a better understanding of how every shot is used. There are no filler shots in great movies, every single shot is designed to tell you something.

So, draw on the everyday creative that you take for granted. Anyone can begin to be creative if you take the time to find your own spark.

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