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MOJO (mobile journalism) has been a growing trend within the news industry for the past number of years. It is using a smartphone to film and shoot pieces for publication of broadcast. You have almost certainly seen a news segment filmed entirely on a smartphone with even noticing. This philosophy is now moving into newsrooms across the country and businesses too. As part of this new trend of video and photography, I'm offering sessions and classes on how to develop this for your needs. 

If you'd like to more about how to shoot, edit and publish through your smartphone, fill in the quote form to find out more and see how you can start a whole new way of content production


 "The Clare Champion utilised Kehlan Kirwan to run a mojo training session. People from all strands of the company, including the newsroom and sales, attended. All who participated found the session informative, practical and within their scope.

Kehlan excelled at ensuring that the session appealed to people who already had good mojo skills and also to those who were learning from scratch. The session was enjoyable and comprehensive. We have put what 

learned to good use since."


                                                       - Peter O'Connell, Editor, The Clare Champion Newspaper